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Opening the Door on Private Practice

I offer clinical supervision and private practice business coaching to students, new graduates, counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, coaches and other mental health and wellness practitioners in Sydney or via Skype.

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“You could say that when the therapist comes for supervision, he or she is going on retreat. They come to stop and listen, to open their awareness….” The supervisor therefore provides “the space for retreat, the holding for retreat and the transpersonal context for retreat.” Diana Whitmore

How I work

I have over 17 years of experience in psychotherapy, counselling and coaching practice. My clinical background is in Psychosynthesis psychology which is a holistic, integrative and soul-centred discipline.

Clinical supervisor, Katy Baldock writes, “…well balanced supervision allows for exploration of the pre personal, the personal and the transpersonal.”  Psychosynthesis psychology works with all three areas of the psyche as well as with the collective unconscious.

In Psychosynthesis, an analogy we use for the map of the psyche, is that of a house:

In the basement, we work with the lower unconscious energies, using theories and techniques of psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, attachment and trauma theory, object relations, parts (subpersonalities) and self psychology.

On the ground floor, the middle unconscious, the work is predominately in the ‘here and now’ incorporating mindfulness, humanistic and existential theories and techniques.

In the loft, the Superconscious or higher unconscious, we work with the spiritual and transpersonal theories and techniques from eastern spirituality and western psychology including the work of Assagioli, Jung, Grof, Kalshed and Wilber.

Throughout a session, we dip in an out of the different levels of the psyche exploring the client’s history (the past), the here and now (the present) and the immense potential for healing (the future).

My style of supervision is a blend of Psychosynthesis theory and practice with Hawkins & Shohet’s Seven Eyed Model of Supervision.  Their model is relational and fits well with Psychosynthesis, a modality they refer to in their popular book, Supervision in the Helping Professions. In our supervision together, the following modes are considered:

  • Focus on the client
  • Strategies used by the supervisee
  • Relationship between client and supervisee
  • Focus on the supervisee
  • Focus on the supervisory relationship
  • Supervisor focusing on own process
  • Wider contexts in which the work happens
Although I supervise a generalist practice, supervision with me will be of particular interest to practitioners who:
  • are passionate about working in a non pathologising and soulful way
  • want to work psychotherapeutically with their clients using the therapeutic relationship / transference and countertransference
  • work with adult individuals suffering with early childhood attachment and complex trauma related issues, addictions, eating disorders and other food, weight and body image concerns
I meet the supervisor criteria to provide supervision to PACFA registrants

PACFA Registrants are not required to undertake their supervision with a PACFA-accredited supervisor although they may choose to do so. This ensures practitioners have the flexibility to access supervision from a variety of sources both inside and outside PACFA.  PACFA


The first session will include getting to know you and contracting where we will discuss your level of expertise, your expectations of supervision, boundaries, fees and any other formalities.

After the initial contracting session, supervision with me can be booked on an ad hoc basis or scheduled regularly to suit your case load.

Cancellation policy

If you are booking an initial supervision session, cancellations within 48 hours of your session time incur the full fee.

Face to face or Skype supervision

1 hour supervision: $130.00 (- 2 years post qualification)

1 hour supervision: $150.00 (2 + years post qualification)

90 minute supervision: $235.00 (- 2 years post qualification)

90 minute supervision: $270.00 (2 + years post qualification)


Jodie Gale

Grad Cert Professional Supervision (Clinical). MA Psychotherapy. B Social Work. Dip Psych Therapeutic Counselling. Cert Eating Psychology. Cert IV Training & Assessment. ARCAP Reg. PACFA Reg.

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