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Body Positive Australia: 10 Tips for Body Love

I was excited to attend the Kelloggs Special K #OwnIt Workshop in Sydney with psychotherapist and yoga instructor at Fat Yoga, Sarah Harry and dietitian Fiona Sutherland; together they are Body Positive Australia. These women really know their stuff… and they are totally owning it!


Body Positive Australia have been working with Kellogs Special K on their project #OwnIt. It’s great to see the move away from weight loss to the focus on nourishment and health.

Here are my top 10 tips from Body Positive Australia for body love

  1. Remind yourself often – the most interesting thing about you is not what you look like.
  2. Fat is not a feeling. If you are ‘feeling’ fat, ask yourself, ‘what was happening right before you had the thought, ‘I feel fat?’ Invite your feelings to tea – befriend them. Underlying all eating and food challenges, it’s about building a relationship with your feelings (and needs).
  3. Cut down on checking – checking weight, checking in mirrors, checking fat rolls, checking for collar bones, checking measurements, checking calories, checking how clothes fit etc. The underlying work here is about building self-worth and self-compassion.
  4. Stop the fat talk and watch the language you use to describe yourself – is it kind? Show yourself ‘kindfulness’.
  5. Ditch the appearance based comments when greeting others and find other meaningful ways of connecting – this is especially important in front of children.
  6. Image is a construct – you didn’t just decide to hate your body, you were taught to. The underlying work here is about challenging social constructs and unlearning the negative messages you have received and internalised.
  7. You are bombarded with messages that you aren’t good enough so that you will buy diets, gym memberships and beauty products. The underlying work here is about building awareness and discernment.
  8. Change-up who you follow on Instagram – images are powerful and can change the brain for better or worse. It’s important to follow other healthy brains.
  9. Don’t wait until you are thin to live the life you desire. Start living now.
  10. Draw your attention inwards and take time to be in the body – it is your true home.

Thanks Kellogs and Body Positive for a great day and fab gift bags!


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