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The Assertiveness Guide for Women

assertivenessThe Assertiveness Guide for Women by Julie de Azevedo Hanks

I am so excited about this assertiveness guide for women and I’ll tell you why…

Assertiveness is SO misunderstood! In Julie’s words, “it’s not just about using our words”.

A few years ago I was working for a program where women were told often, “if you are not assertive with family, boyfriends, employers (you get the picture!)… then you will not recover.” The women were taught the formula, told that they had to be assertive and if they weren’t, they were often scolded.

Yes, it is true… to recover from an eating disorder, or other symptom of early childhood trauma (such as addiction), becoming assertive is part of the bigger recovery picture. But…it takes time to build the inner resources needed to be assertive in relationships.

In this Therapy Chat Podcast with Laura Reagan LCSW, I just LOVE the way Julie de Azevedo Hanks PhD talks about assertiveness with such compassion and in relation to our attachment history.

Take a listen to the podcast and then order a copy of the book for yourself – I know I will be!


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