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Sydney Soul-Centred Psychotherapist, Counsellor + Eating Disorder Therapist, Jodie Gale, is a leading specialist in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and well-being. Over the last 20 years, Jodie has helped 100s of women to transform their lives. She has a private counselling, life-coaching and psychotherapy practice in Manly, Allambie Heights and Frenchs Forest on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Jodie is passionate about putting the soul back into therapy!

Move Your Body In Ways That You Love

Photo Credit: Andrei-Lazarev One of the ways I work with women in their counselling and psychotherapy, is to help them get in touch with their feminine soul self. Many women today are heavily identified with the masculine; this can result in the negative masculine which tyrannizes us through overworking, perfectionism, punitive diets and punishing exercise routines. One way [...]

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Trauma Support Providers – A Directory for Supporting Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions

Image credit: Jian Xhin/Unsplash Trauma Support Providers - A Directory for Supporting Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions As of July 2018, I am an approved Trauma Support Provider with the Australian Trauma Support Directory; a directory of practitioners supporting survivors of child sexual abuse in institutions. "The Trauma Support Directory has been developed with funding from [...]

What is Psychotherapeutic Counselling?

  Image Credit: Nate Bell What is Psychotherapeutic Counselling? If you are just starting out on your search for a counsellor, I have provided you with some information here about psychotherapeutic counselling. There are two main types of counselling. The first one is ‘support’ which tends to be short-term and solution focused. The second is [...]

Byron Private Holistic Addiction & Eating Disorder Treatment Centre

Photo credit: Byron Private I had such a great few days training the team of psychotherapists, social workers, counsellors, psychologists, carers, nurses and chefs at Byron Private on Eating Disorders: A Psychospiritual Approach. I cannot recommend this treatment centre highly enough - the team, the venue, the food - all amazing! Photo credit: Byron Private Byron [...]

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100+ Plant-Based, Vegetarian and Vegan Lunch Box Ideas

Image Credit: Anna Pelzer / Unsplash 100+ Plant-Based, Vegetarian and Vegan Lunch Box Ideas Many of the women I work with in counselling who suffer with chronic dieting, disordered eating or orthorexia are either vegetarian or vegan. Sometimes this is because they are highly sensitive and sometimes this is because their eating-disordered self is restricting certain food groups. Either way, [...]

Infertility Counselling in Sydney

Are you struggling with infertility? Is your infertility impacting how you feel about your body? Does your infertility (and/or treatment) feel like a trauma to your body or sense of self? One in six couples worldwide suffers with infertility. Finding out that you are suffering with infertility is one of the most painful existential life [...]

Recovery Exercise: Interview Someone Who Has Recovered From an Eating Disorder

Image Credit: Helen Rushbrook Recovering from an eating disorder requires a journey through many stages of change. You might be thinking about recovery or currently working through your recovery. Wherever you are – you are bound to struggle at some point with a lack of motivation, patience and hope – this is a normal part [...]

The Eater’s Agreement

Never has there been a time in history where women have been so confused about what, when, why and how to eat. Regardless of what brings a woman into counselling or psychotherapy, exploring her eating and the relationship she has with her body is always part of her journey. The Eater's Agreement from Nourishing Wisdom is a [...]

Psychosynthesis: A Psychology with a Soul

© Can Stock Photo / cescassawin Psychosynthesis: a psychology with a Soul. Psychosynthesis is known worldwide as ‘a psychology with a soul’. It integrates the best that western psychology has to offer, along with eastern and western spiritual theories, practices and techniques; such as the art of presence, mindfulness, meditation and visualisation.  Psychosynthesis is a [...]

Five Tips from Six Experts: Surviving Christmas & New Years Without Dieting

Image Credit:  Joanna Kosinska I was recently featured on the BodyMatters Blog, Five Tips from Six Experts: Surviving Christmas & New Years Without Dieting As a psychotherapist and counsellor on the Northern Beaches of Sydney who specialises in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and well-being with a particular interest in eating disorders, disordered eating [...]

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