50+ On-Screen Mothers and Daughters: A collection of movies and TV series showing the many facets of the mother-daughter relationship

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In my counselling and psychotherapy practice working with women, trauma, disordered eating and the trance of unworthiness - it doesn’t take long before the mother-daughter relationship enters the therapy space. Daughters who have experienced abandonment, abuse, emotional neglect, a lack of attunement and unavailability often discover that their mother’s needs (or someone else's in the [...]

Build Your Body Confidence with the Wonder Woman Power Pose

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Lacking in body confidence? Then try this 2 minute Power Pose with Wonder Woman. In the Amy Cuddy video, Power Poses, she talks about how our body language governs how we think and feel about ourselves, and how the position we hold our bodies in can have an impact on our mind. By commanding a [...]

Overcome Eating Trauma

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I was recently interviewed on Overcoming Eating Trauma for the Eating Enlightenment Podcast with Jared Levenson. He was such a great host and I think you will get a lot out of our conversation if you are struggling with trauma, food, weight and body image concerns. In my interview, I talk about: How women looking [...]

Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale Podcast

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Welcome to the Soul Sessions with Jodie Gale podcast. Jodie Gale is the founder of jodiegale.com and thesoulcentre.online (The Soul Centre), psychotherapist, complex trauma expert and mind body eating coach for women. Dive deep as I interview psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, artists, writers and other leading experts in women's emotional, psychological and spiritual health and well-being. [...]

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How To Befriend The Eating Disorder Self

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The Eating Disorder Self versus The Healthy Self is one of the most valuable tools I use as a Soul-Centred Psychotherapist and Carolyn Costin Eating Disorder Coach. Carolyn and Jeanette discuss this concept in the below video. The Eating Disorder self versus The Healthy Self Deep down inside the soul, we each have a core [...]

Embodied Eating Disorder Recovery

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After a somewhat hair-raising trip to North Carolina in March 2020 (due to COVID!), and copious amounts of hand sanitizer later,  I am thrilled to announce that I am now level 1 qualified in the Embodied Eating Disorder Recovery Model. Embodied Recovery was developed by somatic-based psychotherapist, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, and Somatic Experiencing™ practitioner [...]

Online Therapy: Video Chat Is The New Black

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Since the pandemic, online therapy and video chat have seen over a 10% growth in therapy requests. Dr Neil Leibowitz from Talkspace says that number is accelerating, likely due to Coronavirus anxiety as well as traditional therapy patients looking for an alternative that allows them to access their therapy remotely throughout this time. As a [...]

How to Find Meaning and Purpose Throughout Difficult Times

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With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, almost the whole world’s population is currently restricted or in lock-down. There is great suffering as people lose loved ones, their freedom, their income, their home, and anything else that their ego/self has become identified with (i.e. a whole lot of busy and a whole lot of stuff!). [...]

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