Infertility Counselling in Sydney

Are you struggling with infertility? Is your infertility impacting how you feel about your body? Does your infertility (and/or treatment) feel like a trauma to your body or sense of self? One in six couples worldwide suffers with infertility. Finding out that you are suffering with infertility is one of the most painful existential life [...]

Mamamia – I’m Terrified of Having Children

I recently gave expert comment in the Mamamia article The idea of having children terrifies me. Truly, on a deep level. A 31-year-old married woman has opened her heart in a letter to Mamamia. She says that deep down, she’s uncertain if she should be trying to get pregnant or not. You can read below how [...]

WATCH: 3 Netflix Documentaries Reveal the Harmful Truth About Pornography

©kentoh - Can Stock Photo Inc. In 2016, The Gottman Institute, who provide a researched based approach to strengthening relationships, published An Open Letter On Porn.  Having worked with women in counselling and psychotherapy for over 17 years, I have witnessed firsthand the negative effects on a) women who work in the sex and porn industry b) women who [...]

After by Nikki Gemmell

Nikki Gemmell started writing After, the day she found out that her mother had ended her own life. Many of the reviews focus on the obvious topics of death and dying  - but for me, this book was more about the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship , early childhood emotional neglect, emotional abuse and trauma, and the [...]

Building a Secure Base for Kids in Care: The Best Attachment Focused Parenting Books

Building a Secure Base for Kids in Care: The Best Attachment Focused Parenting Books There is a lot of buzz in the news and recently on SBS Insight about the much needed push for kids in foster care to be provided with the security and stability of local adoption. The Children and Young Persons (Care & Protection) Amendment Bill [...]

Therapy Rocks! Why Love Matters.

Therapy Rocks! Why Love Matters. In Why Love Matters (2004) psychotherapist Sue Gerhardt covers a plethora of research on early parent-baby relationships, attachment, emotional and brain development in early life and how these are linked with adult physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual concerns.  Gerhardt’s clinical practice and expertise stems from her many years of working with mothers [...]

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