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25 Life-Changing Self-Help Books

Self-help books have helped millions of people to transform their lives through building awareness and by providing tips for activating one's will and agency. My first self-help book - The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck - was one of the catalysts for my own transformational journey and recovery from addiction and disordered eating. 20 years later, it [...]

The Singing Stone

The Singing Stone was told to me during my training at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London. Enjoy! Once upon a time long long ago when the land barely showed the imprint of man’s invasion upon it, there was a small settlement in which lived a gentle and loving folk whose ancestors had dwelt in [...]

Building a Secure Base for Kids in Care: The Best Attachment Focused Parenting Books

Building a Secure Base for Kids in Care: The Best Attachment Focused Parenting Books There is a lot of buzz in the news and recently on SBS Insight about the much needed push for kids in foster care to be provided with the security and stability of local adoption. The Children and Young Persons (Care & Protection) Amendment Bill [...]

10 soulful books for eating disorder recovery & other food, weight and body issues

10 soulful books for eating disorder recovery and other food, weight and body issues After 20+ years preoccupied with yo-yo dieting and disordered eating, a recovery journey and then training as a psychotherapist - in 2008 - I completed my Master’s thesis, Call off the Search: Eating disorders a symptom of psychospiritual crisis. The context that [...]

How can watching movies help us to heal and grow? [Video]

I’ve been to the cinema twice this week and watched two incredibly moving and powerful films, August: Osage County, with themes of  abuse, addiction, co-dependency, disappointment, family, hate, regret, love and hope and the Disney animation, Frozen, with themes of hidden and frozen, painful feelings, depression, perfectionism, suppressed potential, letting go of the false self, becoming real, female [...]

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