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Therapy Rocks! Psychosynthesis Bloggers in Action

Psychosynthesis Bloggers in Action Psychosynthesis is known worldwide as the psychology with a soul. Roberto Assagioli, psychoanalyst, neurologist and the founder of psychosynthesis was way ahead of his time by incorporating mindfulness and spirituality into western psychiatry and psychology. He was a major influence in the fields of humanistic and transpersonal psychology. Piero Ferrucci, psychosynthesis [...]

Sooth anxiety and stress with this sleepytime bath ritual

Sooth anxiety and stress with this sleepy time bath ritual Are you suffering with anxiety and stress? If so, you may also be experiencing anxiety and stress related insomnia; an inability to fall asleep or waking up between 3am-5am worrying about the day ahead. Alongside working through the underlying causes of your anxiety and stress, practising cognitive behavioural and [...]

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Stigma, Soul Sickness & Psychotherapy

Stigma, Soul Sickness & Psychotherapy Many of us have felt deep emotional, psychological and spiritual suffering at some stage in our lives. And most of us could do with someone to talk to. Yet a recent Australian study through UNSW found that only a third of people with psychological problems sought counselling or psychotherapy. This [...]

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