//The Mother-Daughter Relationship

Top 6 Women In-Depth Podcasts for Binge and Emotional Eating

Top 6 Women In-Depth Podcasts for Binge and Emotional Eating. Are you using food to numb feelings, to sooth yourself or as a way of seeking connection with transpersonal qualities such as love?  Then these Women In-Depth: Conversations About the Inner Lives of Women podcasts are for you! The whole series is a wonderfully rich, depth exploration into the feminine psyche. [...]

Mamamia – I’m Terrified of Having Children

I recently gave expert comment in the Mamamia article The idea of having children terrifies me. Truly, on a deep level. A 31-year-old married woman has opened her heart in a letter to Mamamia. She says that deep down, she’s uncertain if she should be trying to get pregnant or not. You can read below how [...]

Healing the Mother Wound with Bethany Webster

This is one of my all time favourite episodes of the Women In-Depth: Conversations About the Inner Lives of Women Podcast. Our early relationships with our primary caregivers have a profound impact on our emerging sense of self. In my depth psychotherapy and counselling work with women, exploring the mother-daughter relationship, the mother-wound and how to become a [...]

After by Nikki Gemmell

Nikki Gemmell started writing After, the day she found out that her mother had ended her own life. Many of the reviews focus on the obvious topics of death and dying  - but for me, this book was more about the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship , early childhood emotional neglect, emotional abuse and trauma, and the [...]

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