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Eating Disorder Recovery: Do You Need an Eating Disorder Therapist or an Eating Disorder Coach?

If you are looking for eating disorder recovery, you might be confused about what kind of professional you need to work with to help you recover? The above infographic via the Carolyn Costin Institute is a good place to start. Coaching is a booming industry and because anyone can hang a shingle on their door [...]

Does Therapy Work? Yes. And Here is The Evidence.

You might be wondering, 'Does therapy work?' Yes. It does. And... There is nothing I love more than evidence to highlight how beneficial therapy is! The evidence is strong for not only symptom improvement but life-long change. As part of the National Psychotherapy Day Blog Challenge, these counsellors and therapists have done the work for [...]

Why psychotherapy is needed now more than ever before. Get the inside scoop from therapists around the globe

There's a lot going on in the world right now! Check out these great posts about why psychotherapy is needed now more than ever.  Why NOW Could Be the Perfect Time to Go to Therapy By Emma Cameron How psychotherapy can help you see through the BS By Toni Jackson Beyond the quick fix: Why [...]

Why Eating Disorder Treatment Needs Depth Psychotherapy More Now Than Ever Before

Photo: Cristina Gottardi Eating disorders are like puzzles; complex and multifaceted Eating disorders, disordered eating and other food, weight and body image concerns are complex and multifaceted; each individual has her own unique story and puzzle of risk factors to do with why her disordered eating started, as well as an assortment of reasons regarding [...]

10 Amazing Therapists Tell You What Your Doctor Isn’t About How to Choose a Therapist

Image Credit: Nick Fewings 10 Amazing Therapists Tell You What Your Doctor Isn't About How to Choose a Therapist Did you know that you actually do have a choice when it comes to your counsellor or psychotherapist? Check out these articles explaining why having a choice matters and how and where to find a therapist [...]

The Most Important Thing Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About How to Choose a Therapist

Image Credit: Nick Fewings This post is part of the National Psychotherapy Day Blog Challenge for therapists to educate the public about psychotherapy and counselling. In Australia, as well as many other countries around the globe, mental health treatment is dominated by the medical model, which is a requirement for insurance and Medicare rebates. Whilst [...]

FAO Therapists: Join the Psychotherapy Blog Challenge for National Psychotherapy Day

Photo Credit: Nathan Fertig Psychotherapy has an image problem National Psychotherapy Day writes, “Psychotherapy has an image problem. Despite the fact that therapy is an effective, economical, natural, and meaningful way to improve lives, fewer people go. Why is this? There’s a stigma against people who seek therapy.  Therapy and therapists are depicted as a [...]

Does Psychotherapy Work? Short Answer: Yes

The primary modality of therapy that I practise is Psychosynthesis: The psychology with a soul. Psychosynthesis was founded by Roberto Assagioli, who originally trained in neurology and psychiatry; he was part of the early psychoanalytic/psychodynamic movement with Freud, Jung and others. Because of his personal spiritual background, his school of psychospiritual psychotherapy was deeply influenced by [...]

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