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FAO Therapists: Join the Therapy Quotes CANVA Challenge

Therapy quotes are a great way to let people know the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy. National Psychotherapy Day works tirelessly every year to help therapists fight against therapy's image problem. Help make therapy the new black by flooding the online space with images and quotes via CANVA templates. Once you have created your CANVA [...]

National Psychotherapy Day: 4 Therapists on the Couch

September 25 is National Psychotherapy Day. The theme this year is Tell Your Therapy Story. In my blog post Why Your Therapist Should Be In Therapy, I shared how counsellors, social workers, psychologists and psychotherapists should, and often do, spend a significant amount of time in the client’s chair before working within the helping professions. [...]

Recovery Warriors: My Bulimia Recovery Journey

Photo Credit: Fungie Courtesy of Fungie Forever Photo's of the Dingle Dolphin The call to action for National Psychotherapy Day this year was for people who have been in therapy to share their stories - my bulimia recovery story about swimming with Fungie, having a peak experience and my journey through psychotherapy, was published on [...]

6 Awesome Therapy Infographics for Eating Disorders, Gratitude, Self-Care, Perfectionism, Relationships & Trauma

20 Ways to Practice Gratitude Therapy Infographic By Jodie Gale In the latest Psychotherapy Blog Challenge, therapists from around the globe have created these awesome infographics to help you learn more about eating disorders, gratitude, self-care, perfectionism, relationships & trauma. Participating in therapy will provide you with tools to turn your life around; tools that [...]

Trauma and Eating Disorders [Infographic]

The Relationship Between Complex/Developmental Trauma and Eating Disorders In my previous blog post on the relationship between trauma and eating disorders - Why Eating Disorder Treatment Needs Depth Psychotherapy More Than Ever Before, I wrote in depth about how trauma is a strong risk factor in the development of eating disorders. "In 20 years of [...]

How Therapy Can Help You Feel More Secure In Relationship with Yourself, Others and the World

Whether it is with yourself, with others or in the world - feeling insecure causes much anxiety and suffering. As part of the National Psychotherapy Day Blog Challenge, I set therapists from around the globe the task of writing about how therapy can help you feel more secure in yourself, in relationship with others and [...]

Therapy Versus Coaching: Should You See a Therapist or a Coach?

Therapy versus coaching – it’s a hot topic at the moment - the coaching industry is booming and millennials are the new therapy generation. So, how do you know if you should see a therapist or a coach? Whilst there are some overlaps between these two helping professions - there are also some profound differences. [...]

Everything You Need to Know About the Difference Between Therapy and Coaching

Everything You Need to Know About the Difference Between Therapy and Coaching The coaching industry is booming and Millennials are the new therapy generation. With so many big issues in the world right now, it’s not surprising that people are turning to therapy and coaching en masse. If you are stuck or struggling, you might [...]

Eating Disorder Recovery: Do You Need an Eating Disorder Therapist or an Eating Disorder Coach?

If you are looking for eating disorder recovery, you might be confused about what kind of professional you need to work with to help you recover? The above infographic via the Carolyn Costin Institute is a good place to start. Coaching is a booming industry and because anyone can hang a shingle on their door [...]

Does Therapy Work? Yes. And Here is The Evidence.

You might be wondering, 'Does therapy work?' Yes. It does. And... There is nothing I love more than evidence to highlight how beneficial therapy is! The evidence is strong for not only symptom improvement but life-long change. As part of the National Psychotherapy Day Blog Challenge, these counsellors and therapists have done the work for [...]

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