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The Most Important Thing Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About How to Choose a Therapist

Image Credit: Nick Fewings This post is part of the National Psychotherapy Day Blog Challenge for therapists to educate the public about psychotherapy and counselling. In Australia, as well as many other countries around the globe, mental health treatment is dominated by the medical model, which is a requirement for insurance and Medicare rebates. Whilst [...]

FAO Therapists: Join the Psychotherapy Blog Challenge for National Psychotherapy Day

Photo Credit: Nathan Fertig FAO Therapists: Join the Psychotherapy Blog Challenge for National Psychotherapy Day National Psychotherapy Day writes, “Psychotherapy has an image problem. Despite the fact that therapy is an effective, economical, natural, and meaningful way to improve lives, fewer people go. Why is this? There’s a stigma against people who seek therapy.  Therapy [...]

Does Psychotherapy Work? Short Answer: Yes

The primary modality of therapy that I practise is Psychosynthesis: The psychology with a soul. Psychosynthesis was founded by Roberto Assagioli, who originally trained in neurology and psychiatry; he was part of the early psychoanalytic/psychodynamic movement with Freud, Jung and others. Because of his personal spiritual background, his school of psychospiritual psychotherapy was deeply influenced by [...]

The Best Attachment Focused Parenting Books: Building a Secure Base

Attachment is the latest buzz word in therapy, parenting and relationships - there is a reason for this - the evidence overwhelmingly supports attachment theory in practice. Attachment focused parenting has been the foundation for caring for children through foster-care and adoption for some time; this is due to the trauma a child experiences when [...]

20 Ways to Practice Gratitude [Infographic]

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and [...]

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