A Star Is Born – A Modern Day Tale of Narcissus and Echo

Image Credit: A Star Is Born *This blog contains spoilers. Scroll through to the trailer video at the bottom if you have not seen A Star is Born yet* A Star Is Born is a tragic love story (on the surface) between Ally, a struggling singer/songwriter and Jackson, a famous rock star. It is centred [...]

Northern Beaches Hospital Women’s and Mental Health Services

As part of my training in counselling, psychotherapy, social work and psychology, I spent almost a year in field education at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, in the Eating Disorders and Feeding Unit and at Greenwich and Mona Vale Hospitals in Specialist Mental Health Services and Palliative Care. Although I now support women through [...]

Why Counsellors and Psychotherapists Recommend Weekly Therapy

  Photo Credit: @gilberfranco / Unsplash One of the most important components of successful psychotherapeutic counselling or psychotherapy is the ‘weekly therapy session’. When considering therapy, clients might be wondering why this is so essential. I recently interviewed counsellors and psychotherapists from around the globe to get their perspective on why they recommend weekly therapy: Sheryl Woodhouse. LMFT [...]

Trauma Support Providers – A Directory for Supporting Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions

Image credit: Jian Xhin/Unsplash Trauma Support Providers - A Directory for Supporting Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in Institutions As of July 2018, I am an approved Trauma Support Provider with the Australian Trauma Support Directory; a directory of practitioners supporting survivors of child sexual abuse in institutions. "The Trauma Support Directory has been developed with funding from [...]

Top 6 Women In-Depth Podcasts for Binge and Emotional Eating

Top 6 Women In-Depth Podcasts for Binge and Emotional Eating. Are you using food to numb feelings, to sooth yourself or as a way of seeking connection with transpersonal qualities such as love?  Then these Women In-Depth: Conversations About the Inner Lives of Women podcasts are for you! The whole series is a wonderfully rich, depth exploration into the feminine psyche. [...]

A Jungian Understanding of The Fat Complex by Cheryl Fuller PhD on Shrink Rap Radio

Image Credit: Shrink Rap Radio A Jungian Understanding of The Fat Complex with Cheryl Fuller on Shrink Rap Radio, is without a doubt one of the most informative and enlightening conversations I have listened to in a long time. Whilst this podcast is a must listen for all - it is essential listening for mental health and wellness professionals. Why? Because amongst several thought [...]

To the Bone Review [Video]

Image Credit: Netflix To the Bone Review There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Netflix movie, To the Bone. As a former long-time sufferer of bulimia and as a counsellor and psychotherapist on the Northern Beaches of Sydney who has worked for nearly 20 years with women suffering with eating disorders – I get [...]

After by Nikki Gemmell

Nikki Gemmell started writing After, the day she found out that her mother had ended her own life. Many of the reviews focus on the obvious topics of death and dying  - but for me, this book was more about the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship , early childhood emotional neglect, emotional abuse and trauma, and the [...]

20 Powerful Books to Help You Befriend Your Body

Do you remember the last time you felt at home in your body? Increasingly, many of us feel a sense of alienation, disconnection, a lack of safety, and insecurity within our bodies. At the core, this sense of dis-ease can often be the result of early childhood attachment and interpersonal ruptures, emotional neglect and/or trauma. In The Body [...]

Move Beyond the Brokenness and Connect With the Place That Has Never Been Broken

    Image Credit: Iryne R on Flickr I am so excited to share with you my first guest post on Recovery Warriors: Move Beyond the Brokenness and Connect With the Place That Has Never Been Broken. In this blog, I write about -how our body is the home for our soul -our [...]

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