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A Star Is Born – A Modern Day Tale of Narcissus and Echo

Image Credit: A Star Is Born *This blog contains spoilers. Scroll through to the trailer video at the bottom if you have not seen A Star is Born yet* A Star Is Born is a tragic love story (on the surface) between Ally, a struggling singer/songwriter and Jackson, a famous rock star. It is centred [...]

The Power of Dynamic Eating Psychology™ and Mind Body Nutrition™

What is dynamic eating psychology™? Founded by Marc David, Dynamic Eating Psychology™, combines the psychology of eating with the science of mind body nutrition™; it is the latest and most up-to-date approach there is for healing from “weight concerns, emotional eating, binge eating, overeating, body image challenges, endless dieting and a variety of nutrition related [...]

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Family Feud: The Mother-Daughter Relationship

I was recently interviewed by the Chief Sub-Editor of CLEO & DOLLY, Ellie McDonald, for her article Family Feud in the March issue of CLEO Australia (on sale now). Here you can find an edited and updated version of our discussion: About the importance of a strong mother-daughter relationship and why the daughter needs this as she [...]

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Saturday afternoon SOUL sessions

Saturday afternoon SOUL sessions in Sydney or Worldwide via Skype SOUL sessions can either be 1-1 in person/Skype or with a small group of friends. What does a SOUL session include? -You will be guided through a creative visualisation which could focus on one of the following: a specific issue vision, intentions and goals for the [...]

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