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Build Your Body Confidence with the Wonder Woman Power Pose

Lacking in body confidence? Then try this 2 minute Power Pose with Wonder Woman. In the Amy Cuddy video, Power Poses, she talks about how our body language governs how we think and feel about ourselves, and how the position we hold our bodies in can have an impact on our mind. By commanding a [...]

Embodied Eating Disorder Recovery

After a somewhat hair-raising trip to North Carolina in March 2020 (due to COVID!), and copious amounts of hand sanitizer later,  I am thrilled to announce that I am now level 1 qualified in the Embodied Eating Disorder Recovery Model. Embodied Recovery was developed by somatic-based psychotherapist, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist, and Somatic Experiencing™ practitioner [...]

7 Tips to Help You Ditch Your New Year Diet Resolutions

Ditching your New Year diet resolutions might sound like a big ask, especially when your weight loss goals bring with them the idea of a happier and more fulfilling life! You know how it goes, ‘if only I was thin, then I would be able to …..’ The diet industry revolves around and perpetuates the [...]

15 Binge-Worthy Shows That Will Help You Embrace Body Diversity, Body Positivity and Body Love

Photo Credit: SBS On Demand In this body positivity blog, I am going to share with you my top 15 binge-worthy shows that will help you embrace body diversity, body positivity and body love. In Vice, Sophie Cater-Kahn writes, “At its core, body positivity is a feminist political movement, that centres on some of the [...]

Disordered Eating & Weight Discrimination: Women In-Depth [Podcast]

I am so excited to share with you my latest interview on disordered eating with Dr. Lourdes Viado on the Women In-Depth: Conversations About the Inner Lives of Women podcast. One of the core themes I discuss is how at the core, we are whole and unbroken, we are so much more than 'just a [...]

Building a Soul Self in Eating Disorder Recovery: Soulfilled Sisterhood Episode 25

I was recently interviewed on Building a Soul-Self in Eating Disorder and Bulimia Recovery by Nicole Burgess from the Soulfilled Sisterhood Podcast. Through her work as a licensed marriage and family therapist and podcast producer, Nicole strives to help women unfold more into their true selves; to help them step into their own inner strength [...]

15 Delicious Plant-Based Cookbooks to Bring More Balance, Nourishment and Pleasure to Your Plate

Google Trends from 2004 to 2020 show a remarkable worldwide increase in the interest of vegetarianism, veganism and plant-based eating. Top regions include Australia, Austria, Canada, Israel, New Zealand and the U.S where there has been a whopping 600% increase in people identifying as vegans in the last three years. This growth been reflected in [...]

Move Your Body In Ways That You Love

Photo Credit: Andrei-Lazarev 'Moving your body is ways that you love' is one of the key messages I work on with women in their coaching, counselling and psychotherapy sessions; it's to help them get in touch with the feminine aspects and their soul self. Many women are over identified with the masculine aspects of the [...]

Recovery Exercise: Interview Someone Who Has Recovered From an Eating Disorder

Image Credit: Helen Rushbrook Recovering from an eating disorder requires a journey through many stages of change. You might be thinking about recovery or currently working through your recovery. Wherever you are – you are bound to struggle at some point with a lack of motivation, patience and hope – this is a normal part [...]

The Eater’s Agreement

The Eater's Agreement from Nourishing Wisdom is a useful tool that can help you to reconnect to the wisdom of your body. Marc David writes, "I think you’ll find that it gets to the core of who we are as eaters – body, mind heart and soul." Never has there been a time in history [...]

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