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Does Therapy Work? Yes. And Here is The Evidence.

You might be wondering, 'Does therapy work?' Yes. It does. And... There is nothing I love more than evidence to highlight how beneficial therapy is! The evidence is strong for not only symptom improvement but life-long change. As part of the National Psychotherapy Day Blog Challenge, these counsellors and therapists have done the work for [...]

10 Amazing Therapists Tell You What Your Doctor Isn’t About How to Choose a Therapist

Image Credit: Nick Fewings 10 Amazing Therapists Tell You What Your Doctor Isn't About How to Choose a Therapist Did you know that you actually do have a choice when it comes to your counsellor or psychotherapist? Check out these articles explaining why having a choice matters and how and where to find a therapist [...]

The Most Important Thing Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About How to Choose a Therapist

Image Credit: Nick Fewings This post is part of the National Psychotherapy Day Blog Challenge for therapists to educate the public about psychotherapy and counselling. In Australia, as well as many other countries around the globe, mental health treatment is dominated by the medical model, which is a requirement for insurance and Medicare rebates. Whilst [...]

Top 100 Counselling & Psychotherapy Blogs And Websites To Follow

Image Credit: RawPixel Excited to be featured again in the Top 100 Psychotherapy Blogs And Websites To Follow by Feedspot. There are some amazing counselling, therapy and mental health blogs on the list - head on over and check them out! Join my list and receive your free 31-Day Therapy Photo-A-Day Challenge with photo and story plan to help [...]

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Why Counsellors and Psychotherapists Recommend Weekly Therapy

  Photo Credit: @gilberfranco / Unsplash One of the most important components of successful psychotherapeutic counselling or psychotherapy is the ‘weekly therapy session’. When considering therapy, clients might be wondering why this is so essential. I recently interviewed counsellors and psychotherapists from around the globe to get their perspective on why they recommend weekly therapy: Sheryl Woodhouse. LMFT [...]

What is Psychotherapeutic Counselling?

  Image Credit: Nate Bell What is Psychotherapeutic Counselling? If you are just starting out on your search for a counsellor, I have provided you with some information here about psychotherapeutic counselling. There are two main types of counselling. The first one is ‘support’ which tends to be short-term (but not always) and tends towards [...]

National Psychotherapy Day Instagram Challenge

© Can Stock Photo / GeorgeDolgikh Psychotherapy has an image problem. Let's change that because we know that therapy is an effective, economical, natural, and meaningful way to improve lives. National Psychotherapy Day has been campaigning since 2012, fans of National Psychotherapy Day: ?Share therapy effectiveness research ?Donate time or money to support low-fee counseling centers [...]

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Want to train as a counsellor or psychotherapist? Here’s what you need to know.

Want to train as a counsellor or psychotherapist? Here's what you need to know. To train as a counsellor or psychotherapist are two of the most rewarding professions there are. Traditionally, to train as a counsellor or psychotherapist was a rigorous journey which focused on the trainee’s self and spiritual development as much as it [...]

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Best Bloggers Who Advocate for Mental Health and Wellness

Frustrated with the state of psychotherapy in Australia - a few years ago - I started my mental health blog Therapy Rocks! My main aim was to help educate the public about the true nature and benefits of psychotherapy. As well as blogging about how therapy rocks, I also write from a soul-centred perspective about women's emotional, [...]

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Why Psychosynthesis Therapy Rocks!

A Psychology of Soul: Psychosynthesis Psychosynthesis as a modality is much loved by both therapists and clients because of the hopeful context that is held. I recently interviewed some of my colleagues  - here is what they had to say about psychosynthesis; the benefits for them personally, professionally and for their clients. Ratna Dyer, New [...]

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