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Therapy Rocks! Psychotherapy develops your intelligence [Video]

canstockphoto6951267Therapy Rocks! Psychotherapy develops your intelligence [Video]

There is nothing I love more than hearing great stuff about psychotherapy.  For too long, there has been a stigma attached to going to therapy (e.g. I must be sick, diseased, broken or just plain crazy!).

In some of the funkiest cities around the world; Paris, New York and Buenos Aires…Therapy Rocks!

And… almost everyone has a therapist.

In this short news clip, one client of psychoanalysis shares that seeing a therapist is the most normal thing in the world, so much so that all of her friends have therapists. For her,

‘Therapy is about finding a way to function in a dysfunctional society…it is about finding yourself in a space that is yours with someone who will listen and help you to see that part of yourself that you usually can’t see.’

Dr Rascovsky, Head of the Psychoanalytic Society says that ‘psychotherapy is so widespread that sessions can be paid for by health insurance, this would be unthinkable in most countries…In other countries, going to a psychotherapist is something negative, in Argentina, psychotherapy is prestigious because it is seen by us as a way of developing our intelligence .’

In conjunction with my personal experience of therapy, there is an ever increasing base of evidence highlighting the benefits of short and long – term counselling and psychotherapy. These specific disciplines are effective and can provide long lasting change for a wide range of experiences such as anxiety, depression and many other emotional, psychological and spiritual concerns.

This blog is part of my Therapy Rocks! series.


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