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Soul-Centred Psychotherapy, Counselling & Coaching for Women

Manly & Allambie on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 

Helping Women Embrace Their Wholeness: Body, Feelings, Mind, Sexuality & Spirituality

Are you struggling at the moment?

Do you feel anxious, worried or guilty?

Are you feeling angry, depressed, lonely, sad or overwhelmed?

Do you suffer with a sense of low-self worth, shame and not feeling good enough?

Are you caught repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over again?

Perhaps you find yourself thinking, ‘there has to be more to life?’

Would you like to learn how your difficulties can be the catalyst for self-discovery, growth and healing?

Do you want to live a richer, deeper, soulful, more creative and meaningful life?

I can help you! Using a holistic, positive and hopeful approach, I specialise in working with women to heal and create life-long change with the following concerns: 
  • Addiction
  • Anger, anxiety or depression
  • Grief and loss
  • Eating and body image issues
  • Finding value, meaning and purpose in life
  • Infertility and adoption
  • Life crisis
  • Loss of self
  • Mother-daughter relationships
  • Relationships and family issues
  • Self-esteem/worth/confidence
  • Trauma or abuse from your history
  • Women’s health and well-being
  • Spiritual awakening / crisis & post traumatic growth
How soul-centred counselling and psychotherapy can help you:

There is a considerable amount of evidence to show that not only does therapy provide symptom improvement but through developing inner resources, self-knowledge and awareness, you can continue to improve long after your therapy ends. The tools and awareness you develop will last you a lifetime.

  • Find resolution to the pervasive underlying causes of your difficulties
  • Heal from early childhood trauma and abuse
  • Find freedom from self-destructive thoughts and behaviours
  • Build a toolbox of coping and life skills
  • Facilitate healthy life long changes
  • Build a strong foundation for healthy relationships
  • Increase self esteem, self worth and self confidence
  • Become more intuitive and creative
  • Reconnect with your authentic and true self
  • Discover value, meaning and purpose in life
  • Live a balanced life
  • Embrace your wholeness: body, feelings, mind, sexuality and spirituality


Why choose me as your therapist?

The key to successful therapy is finding the right therapist for you!

My name is Jodie Gale and I am a Soul-Centred Psychotherapist + Eating Psychology Specialist.

I provide depth-psychotherapy, counselling and coaching for women from diverse backgrounds, careers, ages, races and cultures. The women I see come to therapy for a variety of reasons; some with day to day concerns, and others who are deeply wounded and traumatised. Women are drawn to my approach – often after many failed attempts to heal – because I provide a holistic, forward thinking and soulful perspective for transformation and growth. I am passionate about putting the SOUL back into therapy.

My core training was rigorous and I am deeply committed to my own ongoing professional, personal and spiritual development. I have participated significantly in my own individual and group therapy. I have walked the path that you will be walking if you choose to work with me.

Read more about my qualifications and experience | how I work | psychotherapeutic counselling & psychotherapySOUL sessions | eating psychology coaching  services.


Please note, my psychotherapy and counselling practice is currently full. Please contact me to be notified of any upcoming session availability. You can also check out my SOUL sessions or Transform Your Relationship With Food, Body & Soul™ sessions  where I have space between 1.30 – 3.30 on Saturdays – these are perfect for doing a short piece of work focused on a specific issue.



Let your light shine and live the life you have always dreamed of! Contact me now to book your first appointment.

"Thank you for all the work that we did together, and probably continue to do without me knowing it consciously. I know it has gone a long way to healing the way I treat myself & has given me greater Peace. Thank you for the enormous part you have played in my journey."

"I felt so comfortable talking to Jodie. I was able to share thoughts and feelings with her that I couldn’t share with anyone else in my life. Jodie equipped me with the skills to self-soothe when unwanted negative thoughts crept into my mind. She taught me how to look after my self and to realise how special and loving I am. More importantly, Jodie taught me how to use these skills in real life situations."

"Jodie is down to earth, caring and compassionate. I felt fully accepted for the first time in my life. Sometimes it was hard and challenging. I learnt how to communicate more positively. I have more confidence. This has improved my work, family and social relationships."

"I spent most of my life putting other people’s needs first. In my therapy with Jodie, I learnt how to nurture myself. I am able to be real and true to myself at last."

"With the tools, support and guidance Jodie provides, I have been able to access love & compassion for myself."

"When I came to therapy, I was depressed and felt that life was pointless and hopeless. I chose this kind of therapy because it seemed positive and hopeful. I feel hopeful for my future now."

"Jodie has helped me realise that I have choice in life. I now choose a life that serves my well-being, rather than addiction and unhappiness. It is a journey but through therapy, I have been able to heal and move away from past hurts and problems." 

"When I came to counselling, I was a very angry person. I felt so bad about myself. Jodie helped me to see the pain underlying my anger and I have found new ways to deal with my pain and anger. I love the mindfulness and meditation that I do in my sessions. I always leave feeling calm and centred."

"At first I thought therapy was for sick people. Now I love therapy and recommend it to all of my friends. Everyone should have therapy. It is somewhere safe to get to know myself on a deeper level. I have learnt that I am whole and good inside, not sick or broken."